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EuroScan International Network has started working group activities aimed to improve the existing tools and services and to develop new ones. The groups will gather members that are interested in working together on specific topics to produce solutions for solving common issues.

Currently, activities have been started around three specific tasks:

  • improvement of the EuroScan database for pharmaceuticals -->
  • improvement of the EuroScan database for medical devices and other non-pharmaceutical technologies -->
  • improvement of general services based on the newly developed technical infrastructure (e.g., database hosting, review systems, prioritisation tools, e-learning tools for both the association and the members) -->.

In addition, the Board is currently engaged in setting up procedures for the involvement of external partners (non-members) from different scientific and business areas.

Those who wish to learn more can access the web area dedicated to the working groups and/or directly contact the coordinators or the Secretariat. 

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