EuroScan international network as scientific association is open for personal and / or organisational membership from scientists, clinical care and health administration. Even if members from industry can't get membership we are looking forward to communicate with industrial organizations to improve the knowledge on technologies and systems.

The different kind of members are reflecting the increasing importance of activities around early awareness, appropriate care and need for re-assessment of technologies. 

For health administration we support especially the linking to scientific areas and an working environment with is trusted and confidential to share knowledge and experiences.

The association has in addition different kind of memberships:
- supporting members,
- co-operative members or
- honorary members.

If you are interesting in becoming a member look here for the criteria and process to get your membership. Also be aware of the different kind of membership benefit packages.

If you are a member and want to connect to other member have a look here for the list of members (closed for members only)

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